How old is James?

How old is James?

by Agramic Studio



Four chapters. Fifty levels. Hours of fun.

Low poly ART

Adventures of Shapes is 2.5D platformer featuring beautiful low poly art and relaxing sounds.

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Adventure of Shapes is a platformer game set in an imaginary Low Poly world featuring three characters who combine their abilities to find missing objects to unlock new levels and save James, their friend and mentor. 

Cuby, Orvy and Viky work together to overcome obstacles, collect gems and find the exit. Some levels hold lost objects hidden somewhere along the way. Every object they find brings them new achievements in the game. Each level gets them closer to a castle somewhere in the hills of Low Poly Land. On the entrance of the castle there is a letter James has left, letter which will reveal his deepest secret and explain how Orvy, Cuby and Viky got their powers.


Full version coming early 2018

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Support us

Early access version of the game, featuring 24 levels, is available for download right now. By purchasing early access version of the game, you help us fund the development of the full game. We would like to hear from you about what you like and don't like about the early version, so that the full version can be even better. 


Adventure of Shapes EAV

Adventure of Shapes EAV (early access version) is available for download in AppStore with a 50% discount. EAV has first 24 levels of the game with some truly amazing stuff. We encourage you to go ahead and download it soon because discount lasts only until full version becomes available. 

Full version with 50 levels divided in five chapters will be available as a free update of the preview version. 

Full version is coming later this year...

Better games

In 2016, we set on a mission to make games unlike any others. We think great game design starts with unique approach. Inspired by low poly art and platformers from the '90s, we bring you Adventure of Shapes. We hope you'll like it.

From the beginning of development, we envisioned this game as a brief escape from reality, something that will make you forget your problems and make a few minutes of your life completely carefree. We hope that, for you, it delivers on this promise.

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To everyone who played this game...

There are no words to express our gratitude to each and every one of you for making this game become a reality.  

- Tin Zupancic - Creator of the game

Got skill?

Prove it!

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